Liquidium is a capital markets service provider that uses its proprietary algorithms to provide the most defined market making service available. Our algorithm takes the human element out of the market, providing issuers with the most efficient and opportunistic trading environment for their company. 


Liquidium was coded by some of the world's most innovative programmers who in turn have  transacted with some of the largest tech giants in the world such as Nokia, Apple and Google. ‎ Our artificial intelligence platform paves the way for a new future in junior traded securities providing a fair and equitable environment for issuers to trade within.

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Our services extend far beyond creating liquidity, our algorithm generates data around its clients that they can use to target specific investors whom of which currently invest in similar or comparable securities around the world. 

‎This extension of our product offering is the most sought after due to its AI stream of current eligible investors best suited for our clients.